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Cheap Yeezy 350

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BerichtGeplaatst: Wo Jun 19, 2019 2:16 am    Onderwerp: Cheap Yeezy 350 Reageer met quote

With brands leaning into material innovations and manufacturing practices to reduce their environmental impact Cheap Yeezy 350 , leather sourcing may be the next frontier in the consciousness revolution.Outdoor brands such as Keen have long been part of the conversation about environmental conservancy, touting relationships with ethics programs like Leave No Trace and the Conservation Alliance that help preserve public lands. And over the past five years, the brand has been on a “detox journey” to clean up production practices that might harm the environment, said Kirk Richardson, the brand’s sustainability expert.Working with third-party tannery auditing bodies such as the London-based Leather Working Group has helped, said Keen’s corporate responsibility head, Chris Enlow. “They have a very strict audit process, and their focus is on eliminating the discharge of hazardous chemicals into the water or the air,” he said. “They’re also focused on the recycling of water and on energy usage. … So we can step back and proudly say, ‘We process 100 percent of our leathers through environmentally preferred tanneries.’”Those tanneries pull much of their raw leather from the United States. According to Richardson, the U.S. is the largest provider of leather hides to the footwear industry, with 70 percent of the world’s hides originating here. That’s because “we’re by far the biggest consumers of beef and have the biggest industrial ranches.”When it comes to the leathers being used in their products, Richardson said sourcing hides from massive beef breeders like Tyson Foods has practical implications as well as environmental ones.“Whether or not we like the mass production of beef, the hides don’t have disease or fly bites,” he said, adding that North American farms are preferable to those elsewhere in the world. “You get more utilization out of each hide because the animals are managed much better.” He pointed to cattle farming operations in South America that produce bug-bitten skins that are ultimately less salable. Leathers from the U.S. “don’t have the insect damage that you might see on a hide that came from the rainforest of the Amazon.”Then there’s the issue of the thickness, or “durometer,” of the leather, added Enlow. Keen looks for hides that are 2.5 millimeters thick for its hiking products, which are built to withstand the elements and take a beating. Healthy, well-managed cattle like those raised in the central and southern U.S. produce stronger hides, he said. “We pay a premium for a more durable material.”The combination of environmental ethics and quality are driving forces behind Nisolo’s leather sourcing decisions, too, according to Matt Stockamp Cheap Adidas Ultraboost , the brand’s impact expert. The Nashville, Tenn.-based startup sources leather from the U.S. and Mexico for its factories in Peru and, like Keen, works with the Leather Working Group’s member tanneries to ensure that chemical runoff doesn’t damage the surrounding water sources or ecology.“Sustainability has been at the core of the brand since we started in 2011,” said Stockamp, adding that Nisolo’s ethical considerations “started more on the social impact side before getting into the environmental side.” The brand’s factory in Trujillo, Peru, employ more than 100 people who make “two to three times as much as workers are making in China and Vietnam,” according to Stockamp. “We’re very much invested in the communities we’re sourcing from.”When it comes to sustainability, Stockamp said, “leather certainly has its challenges.” Like Richardson, he points to issues of deforestation, “particularly in Brazil and other countries where parts of the Amazon rainforest have been uprooted for the sake of large farms for meat and leather, as well.” In addition to sourcing many of hides from U.S. beef manufacturers to avoid pulling from an ethically compromised source like the Amazon, Nisolo is also contributing to conservation projects that benefit the area’s forests.Nisolo, according to Stockamp, is working to get 100 percent visibility into its supply chain, and that means examining issues of leather sourcing. Stockamp admits that it’s an area that deserves a closer look.“We visit our factories and tanneries, and are hoping at some point to visit the farms, as well," he said. Even if there’s more work to be done, he said, consumers value the brand’s transparency. “Our consumers respond well when we fully admit where we are on something, when we say Cheap Adidas Ultraboost From China , ‘This is an area where we want to improve,’” Stockamp said.“We’re very early on in the ethical fashion movement, and we have a very exciting 10 to 20 years ahead, especially as people get more educated,” he added.Keen’s Enlow takes a more hardline stance on the industry’s progress.“We’re living in the 20th century in terms of manufacturing. It’s definitely not the 20th century anymore, and collectively, there needs to be a shift,” he said. “We as an industry are still stuck in this paradigm, and we’re trying to force ourselves into the 21st century by making things more safe, effective and affordable.” That means taking a fresh look at environmental impact and sustainability, he said.Editor’s Note: This story was reported by FN’s sister magazine Sourcing Journal. For more, visit Although the company fell short of analyst expectations, Nike Inc.'s Q3 sales in North America grew 7 percent to $3.8 billion. And on the firm's conference call today, Mark Parker highlighted the period's successes."In innovation, we led with bold platforms like Air Max in sportswear and adaptive technology [Adapt BB] in basketball, we kept consumers coming back for more with a fast pace of fresh options in our power franchises. And with the energy for sportswear at an all-time high, Nike continues to stand out in the active lifestyle marketplace through our authentic position in sport," the company's chairman, president and CEO explained.Concerning the popular Air Max franchise, Parker noted that newer looks such as the Air VaporMax and Max 270 were hits, and classic silhouettes including the Air Max 95, Air Max 97 and Tuned Air performed well. Also, the Air Max Dia for women was deemed a success.And the latest lifestyle-focused look from the franchise, the Air Max 720 Cheap Adidas Continental 80 , has experienced strong consumer demand since its debut, Parker explained.Aside from the Air Max line, leading looks in other key franchises boosted sales such as the Air Force 1, the Air Jordan 1, the Kyrie 5 and the LeBron 16."We’re delivering a faster cycle of fresh assortments of our power franchises," Parker said. "We do that by offering more options of colors and materials, inspired by more targeted and relevant storytelling and the strategy is paying off."And the digital connection Nike has with consumers was also a bright spot for the company. During the call, Parker stated the company's digital business was up 36 percent during the quarter, on a constant currency basis.Traffic and revenue for the quarter from the SNKRS app, according to the exec, was up triple digits and that 17 of the top 20 launches on the platform had 100 percent sell through (including the Air Jordan 11 "Concord" launch, which he described as a record-breaking). Also, the company's “physical to digital” retail experience continues to be successful, with more than 50 percent of the transactions at the House of Innovation stores in New York and Shanghai coming from Nike+ members.Looking forward, Parker said consumers can expect to see collections in stores with more digestible price points."Specifically, for next fiscal year, we’ve fast-tracked new collections under the $100 price point and we’re aligning the merchandising and marketing teams to support them throughout the marketplace," the exec said.Parker also teased an upcoming running cushioning system and the release date for the debut signature sneaker of NBA star Giannis Antetokounmpo.After Nike Inc. reported today its North American Q3 sales missed the $3.9 billion mark that analysts had predicted, the company’s shares stumbled in after hours trading. Overall, the company reversed its year-ago losses to post Q3 profits of $1.1 billion, or 68 cents per share, besting the 65 cents per share analysts had predicted. Revenues also gained 7 percent year over year to hit $9.6 billion, in line with what market watchers had expected.
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