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Hard Count Episode 18-7: Bills

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BerichtGeplaatst: Wo Mei 29, 2019 2:48 am    Onderwerp: Hard Count Episode 18-7: Bills Reageer met quote

Hard Count Episode 18-7: Bills Gerald McCoy Jersey , Penalties and Unicorns I know the NFL is built for parity and is designed for every team to go 8-8, but this is ridiculous.At this point, Iím scared to look at our weekly game picks update. The Browns finally won (I think I picked that one), the Bills - gasp - beat the Vikings (more on this in a minute), the Redskins nearly doubled-up the Packers, Dolphins beat the Raiders, Lions beat the Patriots, and I lost my first fantasy football game of the year.If thereís anything I do know, itís my opinions on these three topics.FALSE START: The NFL has a rules problem - shockerRemember the off-season and the pre-season? There was a rules controversy. It was going to doom football. Turn it into flag football basically. The leading with the helmet rule was going to ruin everything.Alas, it hasnít. No, that distinction goes to the new edition of the roughing the passer penalty. You know the one, itís the one where someone hits a quarterback in the pocket....and thatís illegal now.Itís basically the NFLís version of home base in tag.In episode 18-5 of this here column - Look! A link! - I addressed this very rule:When a rule is being bashed by the very player it was created for - Aaron Rodgers - you know itís bad. Three weeks into the 2017 season, there were 16 roughing the passer penalties. There are more than double that after three weeks this season. Roughly half of those have been levied on Clay Matthews it would seem (not really). This penalty is bad. Like, change it in-season and donít wait for the off-season, bad.OFFSIDES: Josh Allen is better at his job than Sean McDermott is at hisPhoto by Brett Carlsen/Getty ImagesAnytime I openly bash a player or coach, I basically expect said player or coach to then make me eat my words that week.Such was the case with Josh Allen. Except, I didnít bash him. He just came to the aid of his head coach, Sean McDermott.By defeating the Minnesota Vikings in rather impressive form, my previous comments about McDermottís handling of the quarterback situation in Buffalo are in danger of ageing worse than Macaulay Culkin. Now we wait for a Culkin blockbuster in the summer of 2019.To make matters worse, Tyrod Taylor decided to take my support of him and get benched during primetime.Maybe I was wrong. But Lavonte David Jersey , maybe I wasnít. I donít think it was McDermottís coaching genius which led his rookie quarterback to hurdling Anthony Barr.Still though, itís enough to make me wonder if I jumped the gun - get it, offsides - on McDermott.FREE PLAY: Bashing the UnicornPhoto by Julio Aguilar/Getty ImagesIf Chris Conte actually had a horn on his head Vance McDonald would have ripped it off and forged it into the finest sword in all of Westeros. He doesnít though, because ĎWhite Unicorní is a nickname, not a literal description of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers safety.It was a rough play. Embarrassing. More so for him than anyone else. The still photos of Cameron Heywardís reaction will likely haunt Conte for the rest of his days.It was a solid football play by McDonald, and one which rightfully deserved the reaction it got in the immediate aftermath.But that was all in the moment. Afterwards, some people felt it was ok to then make fun of Conteís knee injury which subsequently landed him on injured reserve.I donít know guys, something about enjoying physical injury to another human being just doesnít sit right with me. That Kangol hat will now be supplemented with an eye patch.The Buccaneers have announced that Bruce Arians has become the 12th coach in franchise history. Arians, a two-time coach of the year, returns to coaching after a one-year retirement.鈥淏ruce Arians is one of the NFL鈥檚 most well-respected coaches over the past two decades and we are excited to have him leading our team,Ē Buccaneers owner/co-chairman Bryan Glazer said in a press release. ďThroughout this process, we focused on finding the right coach with a proven ability to elevate our players and lead our team forward. Bruce has played a large role in the development and career success of some of our league鈥檚 best players and we look forward to seeing him continue that work here with our franchise.ĒArians, who has worked with the likes of Peyton Manning, Ben Roethlisberger, Andrew Luck, and Carson Palmer, will now be expected to get the most out of Jameis Winston ó who like Manning, Luck, and Palmer entered the NFL via the first overall pick in the draft. And the success of Ariansí tenure surely will be determined by whether he successfully transforms Winston into the player that others have failed to make him.
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