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In the spring of the beginning of the se

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Geregistreerd op: 30-11-2017
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BerichtGeplaatst: Wo Okt 10, 2018 8:58 am    Onderwerp: In the spring of the beginning of the se Reageer met quote

In the spring of the beginning of the season, have you heard my call? I said: I love you!I love your beauty: your beauty is different from the hot beauty of summer; it is different from the beauty of autumn harvest; it is different from the pure beauty of winter; yours; contains the beginning of everything; contains the beauty of green; contains hope; contains Vitality; contains the beauty of the vitality that never fades; the beauty of hope that never fades; the beauty of green that never fades!In the new year, you will stand up for the warmth of everyone, soothe the cold that people are exposed to in the winter; touch the crops and plants that have been sleeping for a winter; get rid of the cold and bring endless Sunshine. You come by the wind, the spring flowers are listed early to welcome you; the geese travel long distances to meet you; the grass can not help but look out for you; everything has been awakened Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes, just to see you.ou have a brush in your hand, which makes the sun redder; it gives the grass a thick green; the sea and the sky are bluer because of your arrival; the peach blossoms bloom in your glory for her beautiful life Cheap Cigarettes... It��s really ��waiting for the wind, and it��s always spring��! Everything is excited by your arrival, and a scene of vitality is only presented for you.When I went out for a walk in the morning, I smelled your fragrance and saw your beauty Marlboro Cigarettes Price, the beauty that can't be described in words! The warm sun shone on the uncle of the tree, as if waking up the uncle, and a green eye came into view. There is no longer the cold of winter, and some are the warmth of spring. Originally, the grass that was hiding under the snow had already put on the green clothes that the spring sister had made for them. The spring sister awakened the flowers, and there were beautiful flowers everywhere. They were participating in the beauty contest. It! The organizer of this competition is Chun Sister.he peasant uncle is hopeful to plant with his own hopes, they are not too tired, because when they are hot, the spring breeze will take their sweat; when they are hungry, they will eat the food they planted last spring; they are tired The lively scene will make the peasant uncle's heart full of hope, and naturally bring vitality. It is spring, raising the peasant uncles and raising our Chinese and earth people! love you all: because it is you, bring hope to everyone, bring warmth, no longer let people taste the cold Newport 100S, no longer let everything sleep. Because it is you, the earth will be a vibrant scene, will show a thriving weather! Because it is you, resigned from the old year, resigned from the hard-working Newport Cigarettes, hard-working year, and ushered in a new year full of hope and renewal!der your light, the sun will not be glaring, only gentle; under your comfort, we will not be cold, we will feel warm; under your touch, everything will be awakened; under your protection, plants will Happy growth.nly spring will have that unique spring breeze; only spring will have that unique sunshine; only spring will have that unique sight...Spring, spring, unique spring, did you hear my call? I said: I love you! Love your beauty, love your uniqueness, love you all!
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