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cheap watches ebay uk

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BerichtGeplaatst: Za Okt 28, 2017 1:22 am    Onderwerp: cheap watches ebay uk Reageer met quote

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cheap watches ebay uk
Welcome to Talking Watch Shop
Talking Watch Shop is the retail division of Verbalise Ltd. An independent, friendly company which has built a reputation for providing quality, stylish products and services to help the visually impaired.
Verbalise was started by Martin Begg. Who himself is visually impaired and therefore has a first-hand knowledge and understanding of the difficulties faced by blind and partially-sighted people. Martin is always happy to discuss the suitability of a product with those who are unsure of what is available to help them.
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eBay loophole: how you can exploit listing typos
Hundreds of words are misspelt on eBay each day offering significant discounts
to savvy online shoppers
Thousands of listings on eBay are spelled incorrectly, giving bargain hunters the chance to snap up a good deal Photo: Alamy
Sophie Christie
10:20AM BST 02 Jul 2014
Bargain hunters are used to heading to eBay in the hopes of finding deals on absolutely anything. Sellers are often auctioning off unwanted, new, or almost-new items at a fraction of their shop price. What most people don&#x2019;t know, however, is that there is a loophole that could save you even more money &#x2013; based on the fact that you could find items other online shoppers have overlooked. The reason? Slip-ups and typos made by the seller. &#x201c;Other people&#x2019;s typos save you money&#x201d; states, a website devoted to finding thousands of misspelt listings on eBay. Created 10 years ago, FatFingers was set up by Mike Sheard after he discovered someone on eBay selling a suspicious number of bikes. &#x201c;I noticed a seller that was selling lots of bikes. He was claiming he found them in his shed but he was selling far too many for that to be true,&#x201d; Mr Sheard said. &#x201c;A bit of digging and I discovered he was finding misspelt listings such as 'montain bike&#x2019; and 'mountin bike&#x2019;. "Because no other buyers were picking up on the sales, thanks to the typo, he was able to buy them cheaply because there were no competing bids. He would then relist them with the correct spelling, this time making a tidy profit.&#x201d;
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Following that discovery, Mr Sheard went on to build a programme that could find thousands of items listed on eBay with spelling mistakes. The website (and app &#x2013; available on Android and iPhone) gives users the chance to search for any item, and finds its incorrectly spelt listings. Jewellery is one of the most commonly misspelt words, and has more than 22,000 items with variations of the correct spelling on eBay. As a result, shoppers can find the listings that most people won&#x2019;t, therefore getting a better deal most of the time. For instance, a silver leaf charm necklace was misspelt as &#x201c;Jewelery&#x201d; and was on offer for £0.01 with free shipping to the UK. It had no bids with just one day until the end of the auction. And was the real value that much higher? You cannot know for certain. Similar items under the correct spelling of jewellery were equally cheap, but had at least one bid and longer to go to the end of the auction, suggesting the price would go up before the item was sold. Below, with help from Mike Sheard of FatFingers, are five other commonly misspelt words that eBay shoppers could profit from. _____________________________________________ - Updates on loopholes are included in our weekly money newsletter - Don't miss: Four over-50s who make a living as traders on eBay _____________________________________________ Adidas Surprisingly, the well-known sports brand has been misspelt on more than 1,500 items on eBay, with the most common misspelling cropping up as &#x201c;Addidas&#x201d;. When we looked we found a pair of good-condition football boots on offer for £5.50 (with £6 postage &amp; packaging) with four bids and three hours left until the auction ended. A similar pair of football boots under the correct spelling of &#x201c;Adidas&#x201d; was on offer for £5.99 (with £5.65 p&#x2009;&amp;&#x2009; p). But here there were six days left until the end of the auction, which was already attracting bids, so the price was likely to go far above the initial offer. Samsung Samsun? Samsing? Samung? There are more than 4,000 incorrect spellings of Samsung, the electronics manufacturer. As a result, shoppers can get a Samsung fridge freezer for £28 with four days left until the auction ends. The fridge currently has seven other bids, so other buyers have stumbled on the listings, too. But by comparison, similar models are going for double the price under correctly spelt listings. Alternatively, if you&#x2019;re on the hunt for a new laptop, a used &#x201c;Samaung&#x201d; LCD Windows 8 Netbook is on offer for £0.99 with one bid and two days left until the end of the auction. The same model, correctly spelt, is on offer for more, with the cheapest at £6 with three bids and two days remaining. Designer The word &#x201c;designer&#x201d; is commonly misspelt, with almost 4,000 items listed on eBay with the incorrect spelling at any one time. This means shoppers on the hunt for some cheap &#x201c;designer&#x201d; garments could get a good deal, though it is fair to say that most of the items listed with the wrong spelling of designer are, quite possibly, not designer. Even so, eagle-eyed shoppers may be able to spot the genuine items on offer. Topshop More than 300 misspellings of the high street chain come up on eBay, giving bargain hunters the chance to get an item from the fashion favourite for substantially less than with eBay listings spelt correctly. When we looked, a &#x201c;Tooshop&#x201d; silver top was selling for £0.99 (£2 p&#x2009;&amp;&#x2009; p) with one bid and three hours until the end of the auction. Similar items were offered just as cheap under &#x201c;Topshop&#x201d;, however the auctions had several days left so, again, the price was likely to be driven up by the time the bidding ended. Kindle Kindle is a commonly misspelt word on eBay. There are currently 735 listings spelt incorrectly, with the most common incorrect form being &#x201c;Kindel&#x201d;. It&#x2019;s one to watch. Buying safely on eBay &#x2022;&#x2009;If you&#x2019;re buying an item on eBay, particularly if it is electronic or designer, check the &#x201c;seller feedback&#x201d; to ensure the vendor is legitimate. The more feedback they have, the better. &#x2022;&#x2009;Buyers are protected under eBay&#x2019;s Money Back Guarantee if the item received is not as described, or if you did not receive it. Go to eBay cyber attack: why you should change your password now
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Budget 2016: George Osborne's speech in charts

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